Berlin, Germany

IES: Berlin, Metropolitan Studies


Housing: Apartment, Homestay
Minimum GPA: 3.0
Class Standing: 2 - Sophomore
Type of Program: IES
Language of Instruction: English, German
Language Requirement: 0 - none
Education Abroad Adviser: David Derstine

Why is the Berlin program unique?
Berlin’s Metropolitan Studies program engages participants in a field study component, allowing for in-depth exploration of the German capital’s streets, neighborhoods, and museums. The program also includes extensive field trips to Paris, France and St. Petersburg, Russia to gain comparative insight on the field study component. Finally, IES partially subsidizes weekend field trips to other German cities such as Dresden, Hamburg, and Potsdam.

Scholarship Suggestions:

  • DAAD Undergraduate Scholarship
  • Athena Study Abroad Scholarship Fund
  • College of Liberal Arts Enrichment Fund
  • National Security Education Program

Past Participants:
Erin Collins – Spring 07: ude.usp|032cme#ude.usp|032cme
Barbara Baran – Spring 08: ude.usp|181beb#ude.usp|181beb

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