Featured Programs

Warsaw, Poland
Warsaw is at the center of Poland's cultural and economic life, as the most rapidly growing city in Europe. The city contains parks, royal palaces, an Old Town area, cafes, museums, and theaters, drawing in the splendor of Eastern European culture. The school is located at the center of an easily navigated city, and students will take some of the best classes within different fields of economics.


Berlin, Germany
Berlin is a bustling center for business, politics, and culture, and especially intriguing to students who wish to study metropolises and urban environments. The program holds extended field trips to St. Petersburg and Paris as part of studying cultural identity, gender and sexual politics, multiculturalism, and more! Students abroad may also learn more about the German language and the area as part of their classes.


Quito, Ecuador
For students interested in becoming fluent in Spanish, this program in Ecuador offers an excellent opportunity for language immersion. Among Penn State's most affordable program options, this program allows students the opportunity to live with a local family and enroll alongside Ecuadorean students at the Universidad San Francisco.

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