Katelyn Hysick

Ever since my first trip to Europe when I was 15, I knew I wanted to study abroad for a semester during college. It was difficult to choose only one place out of so many, but in the end, Galway, Ireland was a perfect fit for me. Despite not having a drop of Irish blood in me, I really embraced the culture and now have life-long friends “across the pond.”

Going to Ireland not knowing a single other person was intimidating at first, but I am so glad now that I did it. I really learned a lot about myself and was impressed with my ability to get around in a foreign country relatively easily. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely faced some challenges while in Ireland, but despite these few difficulties, I look at my semester abroad as the most exciting time of my life. And in the end, the hardest part of the whole experience was having to leave. I look forward to the day when I can go back, visit all of my Irish friends, and continue to explore the country and culture that I fell in love with.

Galway, Ireland was the best place for me to enjoy a semester abroad. A small, up-and-coming city on the west coast, Galway was a fun and lively college town filled with cute shops, cafes, and pubs. Located right on the Galway Bay, the city offered some gorgeous views and scenery. It’s location was also perfect with it’s close proximity to other beautiful places like the Aran Islands, the Cliffs of Moher, and Connemara. The city is also an hour away from the Shannon airport, allowing me easy travel to places such as Brussels, Amsterdam, and Liverpool.

I could probably go on for hours about all of my semester abroad. There are so many stories to tell that I would have difficulty knowing where to begin. If you’d like to hear more about anything at all from the country, to the cultural differences, to the school system, to anything else you can think of, please e-mail me at ude.usp|3605hmk#ude.usp|3605hmk. I’d love to answer any questions you have. And just remember, one of the most important things about studying abroad is keeping an open mind to everything!

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