Peer Advisers

Peer Advisers can help you navigate the process of studying abroad!

The Peer Advising Team consists of students who have recently studied through Penn State Programs all over the world. Click below to learn more about each Peer Adviser.

Jonathan Barr

London, United Kingdom: University of Westminster, Spring of 2008
So, what better city to study in than one of the best cities in the world?? I also knew that Studying in England (especially London) would give me many opportunities to travel around Europe. If I was given the chance to go back, or was asked if I wanted to go back, I would in an instant! It was absolutely the best time of my life!

Jennifer Clarke

Seville, Spain: Summer of 2008
Before studying abroad, I had never been to Europe and I had never traveled alone. Needless to say, I was nothing short of terrified. But I can honestly say that studying abroad in Spain was the most enriching and exciting thing that I’ve ever done in my life.


Maura Denny

Cairo, Egypt: Summer of 2008
Three days after I completed my final exam I was on a plane bound for Cairo. It was surreal, landing at eight in the evening, walking off the plane into a wave of ninety degree weather and watching a huge red sun sink down into the Egyptian horizon. I like to think about it on those unbearably cold Penn State mornings.


Mary Gabis

Rome, Italy: Summer of 2008
While being abroad I was given the opportunity to explore not just throughout Italy, but also Spain and France. Milan, Paris, Venice, Florence, Barcelona, Pompeii, and Paestum each offered me a new experience, and gave me numerous memories that I will cherish forever.


Katelyn Hysick

Galway, Ireland: Fall 2008
Despite not having a drop of Irish blood in me, I really embraced the culture and now have life-long friends “across the pond.


Jay Ifert

Copenhagen, Denmark: Fall 2008
Having one of the Europeans write to me as I left “you really broke my stereotypes about Americans” was one of the most rewarding things from the few months I spent in Europe.


Jessie Magaziner

Montpellier, France: Academic Year 2007-2008
Living in Montpellier, France for 9 ½ months was the most influential, amazing experience of my life. Every day taught me more about myself and people in general than I could have ever imagined. The culture of the south of France, the beauty of the language, the intricacies of French people, all of these things helped shape my time there into a learning process.


Katrina Mansmann

Bath, England: spring of 2008
I had come with the intention of throwing myself into something completely unfamiliar, facing the realm of infinite possibilities and making something out of my blank canvas, and when I look back I realize that I did exactly that. It may have been really challenging, and sometimes lonely and intimidating, but no time period in my life has ever been so exciting, so revealing, and so wonderful.


Tal Meirson

Puebla, Mexico: Spring of 2008
I realized from conversations with my peers and family members that many Americans have a very distorted view of Mexico and its citizens. Illegal immigration in the United States, a hotly debated topic in households across the country, has brought more media attention to Mexico recently. But with all the negative attention on Mexican immigrants in the news, many Americans have developed a misunderstanding of a rich culture that anyone would be lucky to experience.


Shradha Muktidoot

Florence, Italy: Summer of 2008
The 6 weeks I spend in Italy were nothing short of bliss. Everyday was a new adventure. Even in Italy, I couldn’t remain in one place. Every weekend, we were discovering a different corner of the country: Rome, Venice, Pisa, Sorrento, Positano, Pompeii and Capri (just to name a few). Italy presented us with the prefect blend of culture, history, art and religion.


Chris O'Day

Shanghai, China: Spring of 2008
When I chose to study abroad in China, I thought that it would be easy to adjust when I got over there, and that I would have few problems, if any, to deal with. I was wrong, but after that initial culture shock subsided, a world of new and interesting possibilities opened up for me.


Adriel Perez

Alicante, Spain: Spring of 2008
I feel that the home stay option is the best decision I could have made because not only did I improve my Spanish, but I was spoiled beyond believe. I didn’t have to do my laundry and I was fed like a king every day.

Kayla Ritenour

Perth, Australia: Spring of 2008
I wish I could tell one great story, but there are just too many to count. Life is too short not expand your horizons and embrace the future. My favorite Aussie friend once told me, “You came all the way here to experience life outside yourself, and look what you found…who you really are.”


Katie Waldeisen

Florence, Italy: Spring of 2008
I am most proud of learning the Italian culture, of negating all the stereotypes I had heard, and forming my own idea of these fascinating people. It truly is an experience of a lifetime, full of people, places and memories you will never forget. I can sincerely promise that you won’t come home the same person, and you will be all the better for it.


Kevin Wickel

Seville, Spain: Spring of 2008
It was the perfect city for me. Its mixture of different cultures was beautiful and fascinating. The city had much to offer, including two prominent soccer teams, bullfights, one of the largest cathedrals in the world, the religious festival of Semana Santa, and the weeklong party of Feria. The city of Seville was truly amazing.


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