Warsaw, Poland

CIEE: Warsaw, Poland


Housing: Dormitory
Minimum GPA: 2.75
Class Standing: 2.5 – 2nd Semester Soph.
Type of Program: CIEE, direct enrollment
Language of Instruction: English
Language Requirement: 0 - none
Education Abroad Adviser: Julia Beth Grim

Why is the Warsaw program unique?
The Warsaw, Poland program allows participants to utilize a “cultural / travel reimbursement” policy that refunds students for tickets to plays, concerts, films, AND travel within Poland. Also Warsaw, being a Central European capital, is a noticeably inexpensive study abroad destination with immeasurable historical significance. The pierogies alone are worth the trip!

Scholarship Suggestions:

  • Whole World Scholarship eligible
  • Liberal Arts Enrichment Funds
  • CIC Partner Scholarship ($1,500)
  • National Security Education Program


Past Participants:
Sean Clark – Spring 08: ude.usp|1005cws#ude.usp|1005cws
Monika Kloda – Spring 08: ude.usp|5505kim#ude.usp|5505kim

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